Liphofung Cave

The Liphofung Cave has been used by people since prehistoric times, as evidenced by the San rock art on the walls and the rich archaeological deposits of Stone Age implements on the floor. Later, the first Basotho monarch, King Moshoeshoe the Great, used the cave as a place to stay when visiting that part of his kingdom.

The Moteng Valley is densely populated and the people there still live very much as they did 100 years ago and enjoy showing off their traditional way of life to visitors. Besides its cultural and historical value, the site also has a number of geological features, both in situ and in the surrounding district. People from the local community, who were very much involved in the development of the site, have a strong sense of ownership of it and pride in it.

The small visitors’ / reception centre includes a display of San rock art and Basotho culture and also has a curio shop, as well as ablution facilities. This heritage site was developed almost entirely with local labour and artisans, which means that most of the costs of the development have been ploughed back into the community.
Visitors can even claim a piece of this atmospheric place by purchasing a keepsake from the small craft outlet there, which carries an assortment of handiwork made by members of surrounding communities.

In doing so, they will also be directly benefitting the community, as most of the revenue generated goes directly back to craftsperson concerned as part of the community participation programme which from the start has been a feature of this development.
There is self-catering overnight accommodation in two huts.

Campsites are available.

There is also accommodation offered in the nearby village.It is just off the main route to Butha-Buthe to Oxbow and Mokhotlong.

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