Ha Kome Cave Houses

At Ha Kome there is a remarkable village where cave dwellings have been carved out under towering rocks. The families still living there today are descendents of the original people who “built” the caves in the 19th century and the site is now a National Heritage Site. The people living there now still live much as their forefathers did almost two centuries ago and those who have occupied the caves over the years have left a rich cultural history.

Gruesomely, this area was once home to cannibals and past generations of Basotho fled to the caves to hide from them. Parking at the top of the hill allows you to walk
for about 20 minutes to reach the Ha Kome Visitors Centre where you will be given a guided tour of the caves and told something of the history and culture of the people. Ha Kome is situated near Teya-Teyaneng
Ha Kome Caves S 29º 14′ 38.2 E 027º 52′ 00.2
Ha Kome info and Crafts +266 588 35143